VAF Committees, 2016-2017


Gretchen Buggeln, President   
Louis Nelson, President-Elect          
Will Moore, First Vice President
Jeffrey Klee, Second Vice President
William Littmann, Secretary
Lisa Davidson, Treasurer


Jeff Klee, Second VP, chair
Lisa Davidson, Treasurer
Jim Buckley
Christine O'Malley
Ben Peterson


Will Moore, First VP, chair
Richie Garrison
Melissa McLoud


Advocacy Award

Maire O'Neill, chair
Tom Carter
Chris Wilson

Bishir Prize

Arijit Sen, chair
Andrew Dolkart               
Gabrielle Berlinger

Buchanan Award

Myron Stachiw, chair
Karen Hudson
Casey Pecoraro

Cummings Prize

Ryan Smith, chair
Annmarie Adams
Robert B. St. George

Ridout Fieldwork Fellowship

Myron Stachiw, chair
Jennifer Baughn
Laura Voisin George

Glassie Award

Gretchen Buggeln, President, chair       


Communications and Website

Amber N. Wiley, chair and website editor
David Bergstone
Jennifer Reut
Zach Violette

Christine Henry, VAN Editor
Kate Matison, Facebook
Arijit Sen, Twitter

Elaine Stiles, chair
Paula Lupkin
Arijit Sen
Amber N. Wiley

Jennifer Reut, chair
Jennifer Baughn
Matt Lasner        

Anna Andrzejewski, B&L Co-Editor
Cynthia Falk, B&L Co-Editor
Christine Henry, VAN Editor
Kim Hoagland, Special Series Editor


Conferences Committee
Jeff Klee, Second VP, chair
Kim Hoagland (Durham visitor)
Chris Wilson (Salt Lake City visitor)
Catherine Bishir
Conference Papers Committee

Daves Rossell, chair
Emilie Johnson
Will Moore

Conference Fellowships (Simpson, Ambassadors, and Access)

Matt Lasner, chair
Emilie Johnson
Daves Rossell          



Chris Bell, chair
Paula Lupkin
Jessica Sewell

Professional Outreach

Tom Hubka
Annmarie Adams

Internal VAF Business

William Littmann, Secretary, chair
Claire Dempsey
Tom Hubka

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