Conference Schedule at a Glance

Friday, May 21, 2021

All times are Central Daylight Time

2:00 pm Welcome and Annual Meeting

2:30 pm Awards Ceremony

3:30 pm Panel hosted by Jim Buckley and Brent Fortenberry: Fieldwork Futures

4:45 pm San Antonio Preview by Ken Hafertepe

5:00 pm Breakout Rooms

Saturday, May 22, 2021

VAF 2021 Virtual Conference Papers Proposals

All presentations are twenty minutes unless otherwise noted.  All times are Central Daylight Time.

Session One: 10:00-11:30 am

1.1. West Coast Vernaculars

Chair, Ken Breisch - University of Southern California

Elizabeth Sexton - Independent Researcher - Peddling Mud: Victor Girard and Adobe Revival in Los Angeles, c. 1920 

Amanda Roth Clark - Whitworth University - Industrial Oregon: Cultural Impressions of Rural Historic Structures (ten  minute Work in Progress) 

Alec Stewart - Dumbarton Oaks - "Meet me at the Swap Meet": Immigrant Entrepreneurs and West Coast Hip Hop's  Interethnic Origins  

Meredith Drake Reitan - University of Southern California - Bunker Hill Refrain: Exploring New Digital Tools for Public History (ten minute Work in Progress) 

1.2. Jim Crow and Its Legacies

Chair, Tara Dudley - University of Texas-Austin

Ethan Bottone - Northwest Missouri State University - "Your Home Away from Home": Tourist Homes and Examples of Hospitality as Resistance from the Green Book  

Rebekah Dobrasko - Texas Department of Transportation - The Cultural Landscape of Segregated Sport: Austin's Anderson Stadium  

Nihal Elvanoglu - University of Florida - Unearthing the Impact of St. Augustine's African American Community's  Contribution to the Historic Preservation Plan 

1.3. Indigenous Tropes and Democratic Ideals: Native Americans Seen from Outside and  In

Chair, Chris Wilson - University of New Mexico

Larissa Juip - Michigan Technical University - The "Noble Savage," Hiawatha, and the Plains Indian in an early 20th Century Tourism Landscape 

Lillian Makeda - Independent Scholar - The Community Center Movement: From Urban Progressives to Navajo  Chapter Houses 

Maureen McCoy and Alexandra Tarantino - Delaware Department of Transportation - Reevaluating Sites and Districts with a Native  American context (ten minute Work in Progress) 

1.4. Vernacular Evolutions in the Atlantic World

Chair, Carl Lounsbury - College of William and Mary

Roger Leech - University of Southhampton - St. Nicholas Abbey, The Renaming of Nicholas Plantation Unravelled  

Marcia Miller - Maryland Historical Trust - "For all these Reasons we have opted for wings": Understanding the Phenomenon  of the Five-Part House in Maryland 

Edward Nilsson - Nilsson + Siden Associates, Inc. - The Evolution of a Working Church's Trans-Atlantic Symbolism, 1714-2014:  St. Michael’s, Marblehead 

Poster Sessions: 12.00-1.00 pm

Chair, Phil Gruen - Washington State University

Anjelyque Easley - University of Texas at Arlington - “Cemeteries, Construction, Complicity: Black Burial Grounds Under Distress”

Jeremy Ebersole - University of Oregon Portland / Milwaukee Preservation Alliance - “A Sight to Dwell Upon and Never Forget: Illuminating Strategies for Saving Neon Signs”

Amie Edwards - University of Florida - “African Architecture and Identity: The 19th-century Asante Palace in Kumasi, Ghana”

Christina Frasier - University of Texas at San Antonio - “Placekeeping and Cultural Sustainability amidst Gentrification in San Antonio”

Nancy A. Jones - Ball State University - “Using Historical GIS tools to Map Indiana’s Limestone Heritage”

James Juip - Michigan Technological University - “Stone masonry and its role in the development of the tourist industry within the constructed wilderness of the Keweenaw County”

Shikha Patidar - VINYAS (a group of artists, architects, and engineers), Bhopal, M.P., India - “Understanding integration of Art and Architecture: Rajwar community, Central India”

Session Two: 1:15-2:45 pm

2.1. Housing in the U.S. Post World War II Era

Chair, Matthew Lasner - Hunter College 

Anna Andrzejewski - University of Wisconsin-Madison - Building Paradise: Shaping the Architecture of Retirement in South Florida,  1945-1965

Elaine Brown Stiles - Roger Williams University - Trade Secrets and Research Houses: Knowledge Production and Exchange  in the Postwar American Home Building Industry 

Kathleen Tunnell Handel - Photographer and Housing Advocate and Eduard Krakhmalnikov - Trust for the National Mall No Traces to Save  

2.2 Cultural Dynamics in the U. S. South 

Chair, Susan Kern - College of William and Mary

Christopher S. Hunter - Mississippi State University - A Presence of African American Churches in Central and South Texas

Sreya Chakraborty - National Center for Preservation Technology and Training, National Park Service - Truck Patches: African American Vernacular (ten minute Work in Progress) 

Laura Kilcer - Oak Alley Foundation - A Critical Study of Oak Alley Plantation's Eponymous Allée  

2.3 Marketing Vernacularity 

Chair, Howard Davis - University of Oregon

Windy Zhao - Louisiana Tech University - Living in the Margin: Lives in the New Socialist Countryside 

Ian Stevenson - Independent Scholar - Developing "Magic Town": Capitalism, Corporate Branding, and the Trackside  Architecture of the Portland &. Rumford Falls Railway, 1890-1897 

Trude Renwick - University of California-Berkley - Village, Mall, Nation: the Rebranding of Bangkok’s Contemporary  Commercial Landscape  

Session Three: 3:00-5:00 pm

3.1. Constructing Class in the United States, 1850-1940 

Chair, Elizabeth Cromley - Northeastern University, Professor Emeritus

Tom Hubka - University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Professor Emeritus - Unprecedented Improvement: Change in the Domestic Conditions of Working Class Housing in the early 20th Century (1900-1940)

Mary Fesak - University of Delaware - The Development of Thoroughbred Training Barns at the Saratoga Race Course as  a Tool to Construct Class  

Astrid Tvetenstrand - Boston University - Perfecting the View: Mount Desert Island and the Quest for the Ideal  Landscape 

3.2 Envisioning Vernacularity 

Chair, Gerald Pocius - Memorial University of Newfoundland

Yehotal Shapira - Technion-Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning, Haifa, Israel - Interweaving of Vernacular Architecture and Landscape as a Non Exceptionalist Ecological and Social Choice (ten minute Work in Progress) 

Stamatina Kousidi - Politecnico di Milano, Italy - Casting a Modern Gaze on the Aegean Vernacular 

Emanuel Jannasch - Dalhousie University - Continuity and Erasure of a Building Tradition  

Rachel Leibowitz - Syracuse University - The Rise of the Japanese Vogue in the Postwar US: Searching in Suburbia  (ten minute Work in Progress) 

3.3 Beyond the Building: Materials and Messages.

Chair, Janet Ore - Montana State University

Madeline Webster - Boston University - Painted Party Walls, Ghost Signs, and Preservation by Neglect (ten minute Work in Progress) 

Chad Randl - University of Oregon - Texture One-Eleven: the Vernacularization of an Engineered Wood Product  

Alexander Wood - Massachusetts College of Art and Design - Who Built New York? The Case of the Structural Ironworkers, 1870-1895 

3.4 Cultural Landscapes 

Chair, Carolyn Torma - American Planning Association, retired

Cynthia Anderson - University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee  - Solid-State Physics and the City: Urban Agriculture's Cultural Landscapes  through the Eyes of a Crystallographer 

Laura Ruberto - Berkeley City College - Capturing Reactions of the Vernacular Architecture and Cultural Landscapes of  Italian POWs in the United States during World War II 

Melinda Creech - Independent Scholar - The Vernacular Architecture and Cultural Landscape of the Polley Mansion, Whitehall 

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