• Information for Poster Session Participants

    For attendees

    A single zoom link (TBA) will be generated for all poster session presenters and attendees and available on the Virtual Conference section of the VAF website behind the member login. Once clicked upon, attendees first will enter the general session and then may enter the poster session of their choice by clicking on the “Breakout Rooms” tab at the bottom right of their screen. Each of the breakout rooms will be labeled with the name of the presenter and the poster title, and each room will include the presenter and a VAF volunteer to help manage participants and relay questions appearing in the chat. 

    Attendees are free to move between poster sessions by returning to the breakout rooms tab and choosing a new breakout room—just as they may move from one poster to the next at an in-person conference. We ask only that attendees keep their microphones muted if they move between rooms. These instructions also will be visible on a power point slide as presenters enter the poster session and the VAF poster session chair will be “live” to assist as needed.

    The posters themselves will be included as PDFs in a Google Drive folder on the conference section of the VAF website prior to the conference, visible to all members. You are welcome to view the posters beforehand. We have asked each of the poster presenters to be prepared to deliver a brief, three-to-five minute “live” introduction to their poster at twenty-minute intervals (approximately 12:05pm, at 12:25pm, and at 12:45pm), although presenters may wish to maintain flexibility and continue any ongoing discussions in their rooms. Should attendees have questions of the presenters at any time, we ask that they use the “raise hand” function. Should attendees have questions regarding the general format or are having any difficulty moving from room to room, they may click on the Breakout Rooms tab and choose the “ask for help” tab and a VAF volunteer will assist them as soon as possible. The poster session will conclude by 1:00pm and will not be recorded.

    For presenters and volunteers

    All poster presenters and VAF volunteers must join the Zoom call at 11:45am CDT to “check in,” be placed into your respective breakout rooms, set up your screen share, and test your audio. Please be prepared to deliver a brief, three-to-five minute “live” introduction to your poster at approximately twenty-minute intervals (˜12:05pm, 12:25pm, and 12:45pm); however, you may also gauge the level of participation in the room and determine whether it will be necessary to deliver another overview.

    We look forward to seeing everyone at the 2021 virtual poster session!

    VAF Poster Session Committee 2021

    Phil Gruen (chair)

    PJ Carlino

    Brent Fortenberry

    Sam Palfreyman

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